Volunteer Seamus Bradley

“The Story Of The Murder Of Volunteer Seamus Bradley On The 31st Of July 1972, Operation Motorman.

On the 4th of July 1972, the British government met with army intelligence and army personnel, between them they created a blue print which was first called operation carcan to later be changed to operation motorman. In this secret meeting that place on the 4th of July, the army were to take 20,000 troops from the UN forces, and the government gave orders on a shoot to kill policy and confirmed that no soldier would be held accountable for their actions on that day. Over 1,500 of these soldiers and 300 centurion tanks were sent to free Derry to tear down the barricades and cause havoc, but the provisional IRA intercepted their blue print and decided to step down to protect the innocent people of Northern Ireland. It was 4:10am, there were 25 – 30 people at the Creggan shops when there was gunfire heard, Vol. Seamus Bradley unarmed drew attention to himself to save others.

He ran down Bishop field where a soldier was to get out of a saracen, take aim in a kneeling position and fire two shots hitting him in the back, Vol. Seamus Bradley fell. Then the saracen drove down the field to where he lay, they put him in the saracen and took him away to St. Peter’s school, no one knew what happened after that. All they know is that he was interrogated, the pictures tell their own story. He was shot again three more times at close range, he was tortured and beaten and left to bleed to death at the hands of the British army. Afterwards it was confirmed by a doctor that none of Seamus Bradley’s injuries had been life threatening and had he received medical aid he would have lived.

This memorial is to commemorate Vol. Seamus Bradley just yards from where he fell. Vol. Seamus Bradley on the 2nd Battalion of B company Oglaigh Na H-Eireann, even though he was shot five times and beaten they could not make him betray his comrades.

I lived and loved and laboured with a patriot’s heart and will that the dawning years might make you fearless and unfettered still. When a future age shall find thee free men stand by thy side Mother Ireland o” remember me.

They may kill our bodies and take our blood but they will never break our spirits. Vol. Seamus Bradley. The war is not over until Ireland is free.”

Bligh’s Lane/Bishop’s Field, Derry

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Implement The Aug 2010 Agreement

“H-Block 1981, Maghaberry 2012”, “End forced strip searches”, “End controlled movement”, “Stop the torture of Irish political prisoners.”

The “August 2010 Agreement” is an agreement reached between prisoners and authorities about treatment in Roe House, an exclusively republican wing in Maghaberry. The tower beyond is the Springfield Rd police station. 

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“This plaque is dedicated to the memory of those murdered on 9th July 1972 by the British army. Fr Noel Fitzpatrick, Paddy Butler, Margaret Gargan, David McCafferty, Fian John Dougal, and to all those murdered in Springhill, Whiterock, and Westrock area.” This is the new plaque to the five people killed in the Springhill-Westrock Massacre, and is on the house extension that the previous plaque. (See chapter 2 of An Pobal A Pheinteáil.)


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The D Company Area

“those brave and gallant vols of D Company IRA”, “POWs and volunteers”, “deceased POWs”, the D company volunteers who have “died of natural causes”, and the “civilians” who lost their lives. Some of these were seen before, in 2005’s Lower Falls Memorial Garden; the main addition is the large memorial with the illustrations, shown in the final image.

Falls Road, Belfast

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Remember The Hunger Strikers

These are images from 2012 of the ‘My brother is not a criminal’ memorial in Ford’s Cross/Silverbridge, seen previously in 2006.

As the second image shows, earlier hunger strikers are also remembered: Thomas Ashe 1917, Michael Fitzgerald, Joseph Murphy, Terence McSwiney 1920, Joseph Whitty, Denis Barry, Andy Sullivan 1923, Tony Darcy, Sean McNeela 1940, Sean McCaughey 1946, Michael Gaughan 1974, Frank Stagg 1976.

The gallery of twelve hunger strikers in ‘Remember the hunger strikers’ is further up the road, towards Cullyhanna.

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Out Of The Ashes Of 1969

The scroll reads “Out of the ashes of 1969” arose the Provisional IRA, but the lineage is a long one and all but one of the organisations, events, and arms depicted here precede 1969: Cumann na mBan, Na Fianna Éireann, Óglaigh Na hÉireann, a Celtic shield and sword, a pike (from the 1798 Rebellion), a Thompson gun, the Tricolour; only the assault rifle is modern and perhaps also is meant to indicate the Provisionals, Belfast Brigade. “Fuair siad bás as son saoirse na hÉireann.” 

The 21 portraits are to volunteers Paddy McManus, Seamus McCusker, Francis Liggett, Brian Fox, John Kelly, Robert Allsopp, Jim O’Neill, Louis Scullion, Billy Reid, Danny O’Hagan, Michael Kane, Sean McIllvenna [sic], Rosemary Blakely [sic], Martin McDonagh, Colm Mulgrew (SF), Michael P Neill, Gerard Crossan, Dan McCann, Tony Campbell, James McCann, James Sloan.

At the time of the launch (2012-03) the portraits were not in place – see X00857. Replaces Laochra Na nGael.

For a PUL use of the phrase, see Out Of The Ashes.

New Lodge Road, Belfast

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Oh Lonely Winds

“I measc laochra na nGael go raibh a n-ainmeacha … [twelve dead hunger strikers] … ‘Oh lonely winds that walk the night to haunt the sinners oul, pray pity me a wretched lad who never will grow old, pray pity those who lie in pain, the bondsman and the slave, and whisper sweet the breath of God upon my humble grave’ – Bobby Sands [Weeping Winds poem]. Erected by McCreesh–McCabe Cumann on 17th March 2002″

Forkhill Road, Mullaghbane

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Na hÓglaigh A Fuair Bás I nDún Pádraig

“I ndil chuimhne ar na hÓglaigh a fuair bás ar son na hÉireann: an tÓglach Colm Marks, a maríodh san áit seo [who was killed at this spot] 10-4-1991 agus na hÓglaigh eile a fuair bás i nDún Pádraig” Seamus Blaney, James Carlin, Dickie Curran, Leo Hanlon, Vivienne Fitzsimons, and – a new, historical, addition – Thomas Russell “the man from God knows where” and United Irishman who was hanged and beheaded outside Downpatrick jail in 1803 for his part in the rising.

“The fools, the fools, they have left us our fenian dead and while Ireland holds these graves Ireland unfree shall never be at peace.” [Padraig Pearse’s oration at the funeral of O’Donovan Rossa in 1915]

“Óglaigh Na hÉireann An Dún Theas” [North Down IRA]

St Patrick’s Avenue, Downpatrick

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A tarp is added to the Ardoyne memorial garden putting the 12 deceased hunger strikers from the modern Troubles alongside those who were executed for their part in the Easter Rising. “The ideals behind the Proclamation, the Easter Rising and the hunger strikes are the ideals which drive Sinn Féin today, social equality, economic and political freedom and the believe [sic] that all the people of the island should benefit from the labour of the island. It is for this reason that this signatories, the hunger strikers and the thousands of others gave their lives.”

For the cross, see 2002.

Berwick Road, Belfast

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Murdered For Their Faith

The simple Celtic cross that served as a memorial below the plaque of the to the five killed in a UDA attack on a Sean Graham shop on the Ormeau Road on February 5th, 1992, has been upgraded with a large plaque bearing portraits of the five victims – James Kennedy, Willie McManus, Jack Duffin, Peter Magee, Christy Doherty.

“This memorial serves as a reminder of the suffering that was caused, the collusion that lay behind it and our determination that truth and justice will ultimately prevail.”

“Erected on the 20th anniversary in loving memory of those that were murdered for their faith. 1992-2012”

Hatfield Street, Belfast

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