Convery & Mallon

“I ndil chuimhne ar óglaigh Brendan Convery [and] Gerard Mallon, Irish National Liberation Army, a fuair bás ar son saoirse 13ú Lúnasa 1983. Erected by the Irish Republican Socialist Ex-Prisoners Memorial Committee.” The pair were shot during an attack on an RUC checkpoint in Dungannon (Sutton | IRSP).

Tamney Crescent, Maghera.

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The Road To Freedom Is Paved With Suffering


“I ndil chuimhne: fuair siad bás ag troid ar son saoirse agus muintir na hÉireann. In proud memory of the volunteers of Óglaigh Na hÉireann and dedicated friends of the republican movement from the greater Turf Lodge area who died fighting for the establishment of a socialist republic. … Go ndéanfar cuimhne orthú go deo. ‘Carry on. No matter what odds are against you, no matter what the enemy call you, no matter what torments are inflicted on you, the road to freedom is paved with suffering, hardships and torture, carry on, my gallant comrades, until that certain day’ – Tom Williams. We also remember the civilians who were murdered by British crown forces, loyalist extremists, and enemies of Ireland.”

The main panel, memorial plaque to Willie Rossini of Glasgow, and the dedication plaque – by Lily Fitzsimons, a local activist (dating back to the Relatives Action Committees) and SF councillor, were seen previously in 1999. The other three plaques are new. (“Neamhfholaigh” seems to be a conjunction of translations of the English words “un” and “cover”; the Irish for the verb “to bare” (or as here,”unveil”) is “nocht”.)

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Bunting & Little

“In proud and loving memory of our fallen comrades. Arm saoirse náisunta [náisiúnta] ná hÉireann. Vol Ronnie Bunting, assassinated 15 Oct. 1980, Vol Noel Little, assassinated 15 Oct. 1980. Through the mist of time they will never be forgotten. Erected by the Irish Republican Socialist Ex-Prisoners Memorial Committee.” Bunting and Little of the INLA were shot and killed at Bunting’s Downfine Gardens home by the UDA. Bunting’s wife was shot in the face but survived. (WP)

Downfine Gardens, Belfast


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Fian John Dempsey

“I ndil chuimhne Fian John Dempsey killed in action 8th July 1981. Unveiled by his family 5th May 2003. Proudly remembered by his comrades and friends from Turf Lodge. Mol na nóige [mol an óige] agus tiocfaidh sí.” The sixteen-year-old Dempsey was shot by a British Army sniper during an attack on the Falls bus depot. Gerry Adams wrote a memorial in An Phoblacht.


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Implement The Aug 2010 Agreement

“H-Block 1981, Maghaberry 2012”, “End forced strip searches”, “End controlled movement”, “Stop the torture of Irish political prisoners.”

The “August 2010 Agreement” is an agreement reached between prisoners and authorities about treatment in Roe House, an exclusively republican wing in Maghaberry. The tower beyond is the Springfield Rd police station. 

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Jimmy Quigley

“In proud and loving memory of Vol, Jimmy Quigley, Belfast Brigade, Óglaigh Na hÉireann, killed in action 29th September 1972 by Crown forces. Ní dhéanfaidh muid dearmad fuair sé bás ar son saoirse na hÉireann.”

Quigley was shot by the British Army on Albert Street; the plaque is outside the family home in Brittons Parade, Belfast. Two profiles by Danny Morrison at Saoirse32.


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The D Company Area

“those brave and gallant vols of D Company IRA”, “POWs and volunteers”, “deceased POWs”, the D company volunteers who have “died of natural causes”, and the “civilians” who lost their lives. Some of these were seen before, in 2005’s Lower Falls Memorial Garden; the main addition is the large memorial with the illustrations, shown in the final image.

Falls Road, Belfast

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Cullyhanna Memorials

Three Cullyhanna memorials:

Top: “During the hunger-strike of 1981, in which ten men died, the Holy Rosary was recited here [on Freeduff Road], daily, by the community of Cullyhanna, to highlight the suffering of all the women and men in Armagh Gaol and Long Kesh, described by the late Cardinal Tomás Ó Fiach, a native of Cullyhanna, as being “worse than the sewers of Calcutta”. Go ndéana Dia trócaire ar a n-anam. Unveiled on the 8th July, 2001 by former hunger-striker, Paddy Quinn.”

Middle: The central panel is to Brendan Moley, Kevin Caherty, Michael McVerry, Brendan Burns, Fergal Caraher. Flanking this is a a longer list of volunteers, in English (left) and Irish (right). McVerry, Boyle, Jordan, McKiernan, Lochrie, Campbell, Cleary, Harvey, McElvanna, Caherty, McCreesh, Moley, Burns, Caraher, Duffy, Martin, Daly, Watters, Toner, Rogers. With smaller plaques to Tom Rooney & John Caraher, and to Brian Keenan.

Bottom: An individual memorial to “Vol Francis Caraher, Óglaigh Na hÉireann, murdered by British soldiers at this spot [on Tullyvallen Road] on 30th December 1990, aged 20 years.”

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Burns & Moley

Two images from Creggan, Co. Armagh (near Crossmaglen). First, the memorial to “Brendan Burns, Carnally, 1958-1988” and “Brendan Moley, Dorsey, 1958-1998” “who died here on active service on the 29th February 1988 – fuair siad bás ar son na saoirse.” (Tribute from RN.) A Celtic warrior with a spear stands in front of a Janus statue. “South Armagh Sinn Féin Cumann.”

Below, “restore political status”. Both are on Donaldson’s Road.

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