Republican Newry

Here is a collection of small boards from anti-Agreement republicans (probably Éirígí web) in Derrybeg and central Newry. “Stop strip searching of republican prisoners”, “RUC-PSNI Different name, same aim”, “Release Martin Corey now!”, “Free Marian Price”, “End Israeli terror in Palestine”, “End internment 1871-2013”.

Camlough Road, Carnagat Road, Second Avenue, Patrick Street

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Find Us On Facebook

Hand-painted “BRY” [Bogside Republican Youth] and “No RUC” boards but also computer-designed and -printed stickers in the Bogside, Derry. The boards are probably local productions, while the stickers probably come from the same German store responsible for the anti-fascist, “Irish republican solidarity” and “Good night, loyalist pride” stickers (see Northern Ireland World). The Facebook sticker is presumably for the store or for antifa; as far as we know, BRY has never had a Facebook page or internet presence; the web address “” is defunct.

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Name Change, No Change

“RUC – PSNI. Name change – no change. No political policing. No special powers. No daily armed raids. No daily harassment. No PSNI in our schools. No MI5. No £10 touts. No interment [sic]. Republican” (The web address no longer functions but there is a Fb page.)

Lenadoon Avenue, Belfast.

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Freedom First

Five small éirígí (web) pieces of graffiti and stenciling from Creeslough Park (at the corner with Lenadoon Avenue), Belfast. The stencils are of James Connolly (“We defy you! Do your worst!”) and the 3-in-1 figure combining police (“RUC-PSNI – different name, same aim”), Orange Order, and paramilitary.

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IRA Are Back!

Anti-Agreement republican graffiti and heavily-vandalised board listing the faults of the PSNI. “End British policing in Ireland – intimidation, sectarianism, 28 day detention, corruption, child assaults, evidence tampering. [now]”

Lecky Road/Durrow Park, Derry

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