I Am Not An Ulsterman

“I am not an Ulsterman [but] yesterday, the 1st of July 1916, as I followed their amazing attack, I felt I would rather be an Ulsterman than anything else in the world.” The words of Captain Wilfrid (here given as “Wilfred”) Spender replace a Steeple Defenders board that has presumably fallen into disrepair alongside a board showing a soldier from the 36th Division running through no-man’s land (both seen previously in 2003 and 2009).

For a fuller quote, see X04435 from south Belfast.

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RIP Dolours Price

Dolours Price died on January 23rd, in Malahide, apparently from an overdose or adverse mixture of medications. Price had served seven years of a twenty-year sentence for the 1973 car bombing of the Old Bailey in London, during which she went on hunger strike and was force fed (WP). She was the sister of Marian Price; both were IRA volunteers. See previously (from 1974): Bring Home The Winchester 8.

Nailor’s Row, Derry


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Freedom First

Five small éirígí (web) pieces of graffiti and stenciling from Creeslough Park (at the corner with Lenadoon Avenue), Belfast. The stencils are of James Connolly (“We defy you! Do your worst!”) and the 3-in-1 figure combining police (“RUC-PSNI – different name, same aim”), Orange Order, and paramilitary.

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IRA Are Back!

Anti-Agreement republican graffiti and heavily-vandalised board listing the faults of the PSNI. “End British policing in Ireland – intimidation, sectarianism, 28 day detention, corruption, child assaults, evidence tampering. http://www.32csm.info [now 32csm.org]”

Lecky Road/Durrow Park, Derry

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