Brian Stewart

“In loving memory of Brian Stewart aged 13, murdered by a British Army plastic bullet. Born 13th October 1963, died 10th October 1976. Erected by Brian’s family and friends.” Brian Stewart died six days after being hit by a plastic bullet fired by the King’s Own Scottish Borders near his Turf Lodge Home. He was buried three days later, on October 13th – what would have been his fourteenth birthday. (For the long search for justice, see sister Marie Stewart | sceptic peg | saoirse32).

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St James’s Support The Hunger Strikers

This is a late-life shot of the mural at the corner of Hugo Street. There are now two windows in the mural, graffiti has been blacked out across the lower third, and the mural on the side wall (to the left of image) has gone completely.

You can track its history to this point by comparing this image with those from 2006 | 2002 | 2001.


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Transgenerational Trauma

Relatives for justice (web) youth project holds an annual vigil for victims of plastic bullets and their families. This display places cut-out figures on the railings of the City Cemetery at the distances at which they were hit by a rubber or plastic bullet, between 1972 and 1989. (Previously done in mural form on Divis Street: Ban Plastic Bullets.)

From left to right, the victims are Keith White, Norah McCabe, John Downes, Tobias Molloy, Peter McGuinness, Stephen McConomy, Paul Whitters, Francis Rowntree, Julie Livingstone, Carol Ann Kelly, Seamus Duffy, Brian Stewart, Henry Duffy, Michael Donnelly, Thomas Friel, Peter Doherty.

The board on the far right contains an acrostic for “Plastic Bullets”: “Panic – Lethal – Age – Sorrow – Terror – Innocence – Children. Ban them – Unnecessary – Loss – Life – Extreme use – Transgenerational trauma – Stop using them”.

With support from Pobal, An tAontas Eorpach, and the Community Relations Council.

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Seventeen People Killed

The board to the victims of rubber and plastic bullets in Islandbawn Street, is updated with a revised year: previously it read “Since 1972” now it reads “Since 1970 seventeen people killed including 8 children.” See also Civil Order, Plastic Death.

With graffiti below, originally stating “No votes for Sinn Fein traitors” modified to become “Vote for Sinn Fein”.

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Julie Livingstone

“Julie Livingstone aged 14 yrs. Murdered by the British Army 13th May 1981.” “The Stolen Child – Come away, O human child/To the waters and the wild/With a faery hand in hand/For the world’s more full of weeping/Than you can understand! – WB Yeats.” Livingstone was killed by a plastic bullet. The mural is in Glenveagh Drive. There is also a stone and plaque near the spot she was struck, on the Stewartstown Road.

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St James’s Support The Hunger Strikers

Here is a wide shot and some details of the two-part mural in Hugo Street, seen in progress in 2001 and completed in 2002. On the left is a depiction of the funeral of Joe McDonnell; on the right, posters and protesters from the time of the hunger strikes.

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