McGurk’s Bar

“To the memory of fifteen innocent civilians murdered by a pro-British loyalist gang in a no warning bomb attack on McGurk’s bar, Dec. 4th 1971. Philomena McGurk, Marie McGurk, James Cromie, John Colton, Thomas McLaughlin, David Milligan, James Smyth, Francis Bradley, Thomas Kane, Kathleen Irvine, Philip Garry, Edward Kane, Edward Keenan, Sarah, Keenan, Robert Spotswood.”

For the 40th anniversary, a painted shopfront and plaques to the victims of the McGurk’s Bar Bombing were added last December (2011) to the Celtic Cross and plaque already at the site. The text on the info board to the right is ad follows: “At 8.48 pm on Saturday 4th December 1971, a no-warning bomb, planted by British terrorists, exploded on the doorstep of family-run McGurk’s Bar. Fifteen innocent men, women and children perished. Those who were not crushed or slowly asphyxiated by masonry where [sic] horrifically burned to death when shattered gas mains burst into flames beneath the rubble. Nearly the same again were dragged from the debris alive. In the aftermath of the atrocity, the British and Unionist Governments, RUC police force and British military disseminated disinformation that the bomb was in-transit and that the innocent civilians were guilty by association, if not complicit in this act of terrorism. This is despite a mountain of forensic evidence and a witness who saw the bomb being planted and lit before watching the British terrorists escape into the night. From the moment the bomb exploded, and for 40 years since, the families and friends of those murdered have campaigned constitutionally and with great dignity to clear the names of their loved ones. It is a Campaign for Truth that continues to this day. Join us at”

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Fountain Bonfire

Purloined pieces decorating this year’s Relief Of Derry bonfire in the Fountain: a hand-painted “Free Marian Price now!” board, a 32CSM flag, and (flying) flags of Che Guevara on a Tricolour, the IRSP, and a Starry Plough, as well as tricolours, an FAI flag, and an … Argentinian? flag.

Hawkin Street, Londonderry

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Civil And Religious Liberty

Two PUL banners are added to the internment bonfire in Divis: the upper one says “East Belfast Ulster Volunteer Force”, while the latter reads “Shankill Protestant Boys [Fb] USSF Ulsters No 1 flute band.” On the top is a Drumcree Orange Order flag: “Civil and religious liberty”; “Here we stand, we can do no other”.

Divis Street, Belfast

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