Fountain Bonfire

The Fountain bonfire on July 11th, ready for burning after nightfall, with a slew of CNR flags and banners, including Irish tricolours, as well as flags and electoral boards for Sinn Féin. At the bottom are two small boards and a wreath for the 30th anniversary of the second hunger strike.

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Hawkin Street, Londonderry

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Prisoners & Ex-Prisoners

Facing each other in the Brompton Park entrance to Ard Eoin: “Support the prisoners – restore political status now!” from post-peace republicanism, and Cumann na n-Iarchimí Poblachtacha/Republican Ex-Prisoners Association (along with SNAP – Safer Neighbourhood Ardoyne Project – and Glór An Tuaiscirt/Voice Of The North) representing the pre-peace volunteers.

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