Shankill Star

“Shankill Star [flute band Fb] in memory of Brian Robinson”. A brand new piece (unveiled March 2, 2013) to Brian Robinson and/sponsored by the Shankill Star Flute Band, in Disraeli Street – where Robinson grew up – replete with images from the first World War such as soldiers (both British and German), trenches and poppies. Robinson was killed on 2 Sept., 1989 by an army undercover unit moments after he had shot and killed a Catholic named Patrick McKenna (WP). This is the second mural on the street to Robinson – see M08248. The piece is not paint, but printed boards, and the image has been generated by computer.

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The Lions Of Ulster

“100 years of the Ulster Solemn League and Covenant. ‘We will not have home rule.’ The lions of Ulster.”

“West Belfast Athletic & Cultural Society – breaking down barriers through sport and cultural exchange. This mural was dedicated by Alderman Hugh Smyth O.B.E. on Friday the 21st September 2012 to commemorate the centenary of the signing of Ulster’s Solemn League and Covenant.”

The eight plaques (from left to right) are to Major Fredrick H Crawford, Volunteer Robert J Adgey, James Craig, the Ulster Covenant, Sir Edward Henry Carson, Sir George Lloyd Reilly Richardson, Captain Wilfrid Spender, Ulster Volunteer Force.

N. Howard Street, Belfast

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The Heart Of The Empire

“Belfast, Shankill Road the heart of the empire salutes her majesty on 60 glorious years.” [1952-2012]

This is a new three-part installation of boards on Crimea Street for Queen Elizabeth’s diamond (60th) jubilee. For “Ulster To England” see Ulster Girl. On the left are flags of the home nations along with the Royal Standard and Union Flag.

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Civil And Religious Liberty For All

“Take pride in your history and culture”, namely: the Siege Of Derry and the Battle Of The Boyne (from the Jackson Mural in the Fountain); flute bands (Shankill Protestant Boys, Shankill Star, Pride Of The Shankill, Ulster Girls, Young Conway Volunteers, Pride Of Ardoyne, Warkworth Purple Star, Hillview, Shankill Road Defenders, Pride Of The West, West Belfast Volunteers, Sons Of Ulster, Pink Ladies (Ulster), Whiterock, Shankill Fusiliers, Britannia); Royal Black and Orange Order parades (marching past the Guildhall in Londonderry and the Clifton Street lodge in Belfast), 11th night bonfires, supporting the Northern Ireland soccer team, lambeg drumming, playing the pipes, accordion playing – with Union flags and bunting throughout.

For ‘in-progress’ shots, see the post at Extramural Activity.

The title phrase previously appeared in Thorndyke Street.

Cambrai Street, Belfast

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The Fiftieth Anniversary

Gertrude Star flute band was formed in 1961 and a new mural has been painted to mark the occasion, with Ulster Banners and Union Flags flanking the UK coat of arms – “Dieu et mon droit”, “Honi soit qui mal y pense”.

The following areas are listed: (left) Gertrude St, Clarawood, Templemore Ave, Woodstrock Road, Albertbridge Rd, south Belfast, Scotland, Antrim, Glengormley, Carrickfergus, Braniel; (right) Dee Street, Newtownards Rd, Cregagh Rd, Castlereagh Rd, Holywood, Ballybeen, Tullycarnet, Shankill Rd, north Down, Bangor.

Martin St, Belfast

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