The CNR Murals Of 1981

Here is a gallery of the murals in Belfast and Derry believed to have been painted in 1981.

There are about 70 from Belfast and 40 from Derry.

There might be many more: Rolston writes describes how, following a few pieces of careful lettering (such as the first two items below) and two murals from early 1981 (M00184 and M00085 below), “After Sands’s death, an explosion of murals occurred in nationalist areas. Within a few months, at least one hundred were painted in Belfast, fifty in Derry, and others in nationalist areas of Armagh, Lurgan, Newry, and Strabane.” (Rolston 1991, p. 79)

Belfast – Twinbrook, Lenadoon, Shaws Rd

Their Hunger, Their Pain, Our Struggle (M00022)
Unite To Fight Hunger Torture Death
Victory [To The] IRA
Free! Belfast
Right Honourable Bobby Sands
Lark And The Freedom-Fighter (M00054)
Kieran Doherty TD
Think Again
Armagh Women/Provisional IRA
Provisional IRA Phoenix
Revolution INLA
When You Came To This Land

Tiocfaidh An Lá Nuair Beidh Éire Saor Arís (R1047)

Sands Funeral Volley (R91083)

Wolfe Tone

Belfast – Andersonstown

Ireland Unfree
Sasanach Amach
In Honour
Violence Is The Voice Of An Oppressed People (M00216)
A Nation Once Again
The Dehumanising Factor (C00627)

Liberty (R91083 M00380)

Hunger Strikers TDs (R91083)

Out Of The Ashes That Was Belfast (R91086)

Belfast – Turf Lodge, Ballymurphy, Whiterock Rd

Political Power Stems From The Barrel Of A Gun (M00043)
The Lark
No, Not A Dog
Victory To The Blanketmen POWs
The Five Demands
I’ll Wear No Convict’s Uniform
The First Six
Political Prisoners Of War
Three Flags
Blessed Are Those Who Hunger For Justice (M00129)

Belfast – Rock Streets

Smash H Block
Incident At Narrow Water
Long Kesh 1981
The Final Salute
Blessed Are Those Who Hunger For Justice (M00131)
O’Casey Quote + Break Thatcher’s Back
They May Kill The Revolutionary (M00118)
Christ Of St John Of The Cross
(Noel McGuigan)

Belfast – Beechmount, Springfield Rd, Middle Falls

The Right Hon Bobby Sands MP
H. Block
Smash H Block
Celtic Cross (M00220)
Flags On Pikes (M00222)
Let Us Rise
The Five Just Demands
The Training Ground
The Conveyor Belt
Ireland’s Cross To Bear
Don’t Let Them Die
Hunger Strikers Crucified
The Shape Of Things To Come
(T00054) (Originally three gunmen)
The People Arose In ’69
Auschwitz-Long Kesh
Óglaigh Na hÉireann
The Last Post
Sacred Heart Blanketman
Struggle For Freedom
Smash The British Devil’s Rule

Political Prisoners Of War
(R91082 R1061)

Belfast – Clonard, Lower Falls, Divis

Civil Order, Plastic Death
The Spirit Of Freedom
Child Offering
McLarnon & Loughran
Patsy O’Hara Youth Movement
(M00420 R91084)

Belfast – Ardoyne

In Loving Memory
The Final Salute

The Battle For Survival

For Those Who Believe

Derry – Shantallow

Victory To The 1981 Hunger Strikers

Derry – Creggan

The Conveyor Belt
Bobby Sands – The Spirit Of Freedom (M00289)

Derry – Brandywell

Phoenix & Flags

Derry – Bogside

Roll Of Honour
They May Kill The Revolutionary
A Weapon Of The Provisionals
Murdered By Paratroopers
Celtic Cross
Éire Nua Phoenix (M00170)
Pearse & Connolly
Get The Brits Out
Weapon Of Resistance
Patsy O’Hara OC
Flags/Hands In Chains/H Block
Political Status Must Stay/RUC Keep Out (M00057c)
Ten Portraits
Murdered By The Crown
(Possibly 1981: St Peter/I Refuse To Change) (M00150)

Derry – Foyleside

Political Status Now (M00089)

Derry – Gobnascale

Political Status Now
Ten Portraits
Tom McElwee
A Political Prisoner Of War


Key to reference numbers. Thanks to all of the following for the use of their images.

M = Peter Moloney Collection – Murals
Noel McGuigan
T = Paddy Duffy
X = Extramural Activity

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