Name Change, No Change

“RUC – PSNI. Name change – no change. No political policing. No special powers. No daily armed raids. No daily harassment. No PSNI in our schools. No MI5. No £10 touts. No interment [sic]. Republican” (The web address no longer functions but there is a Fb page.)

Lenadoon Avenue, Belfast.

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Freedom First

Five small éirígí (web) pieces of graffiti and stenciling from Creeslough Park (at the corner with Lenadoon Avenue), Belfast. The stencils are of James Connolly (“We defy you! Do your worst!”) and the 3-in-1 figure combining police (“RUC-PSNI – different name, same aim”), Orange Order, and paramilitary.

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For The Protestant Religion

On one side of the main board in this arch is King Billy and on the other flags and a coat of arms associated with the Orange Order. One of the flags reads “For the Protestant religion – Constitution 1688“; on the ribbon banner are the words “Sit lux [et] lux fuit. [Let there be light, and there was light]”

Previously seen in 2006. Scotch Street, Armagh

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Civil And Religious Liberty For All

“Take pride in your history and culture”, namely: the Siege Of Derry and the Battle Of The Boyne (from the Jackson Mural in the Fountain); flute bands (Shankill Protestant Boys, Shankill Star, Pride Of The Shankill, Ulster Girls, Young Conway Volunteers, Pride Of Ardoyne, Warkworth Purple Star, Hillview, Shankill Road Defenders, Pride Of The West, West Belfast Volunteers, Sons Of Ulster, Pink Ladies (Ulster), Whiterock, Shankill Fusiliers, Britannia); Royal Black and Orange Order parades (marching past the Guildhall in Londonderry and the Clifton Street lodge in Belfast), 11th night bonfires, supporting the Northern Ireland soccer team, lambeg drumming, playing the pipes, accordion playing – with Union flags and bunting throughout.

For ‘in-progress’ shots, see the post at Extramural Activity.

The title phrase previously appeared in Thorndyke Street.

Cambrai Street, Belfast

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