Kidso Reilly

“This plaque is dedicated to the memory of Thomas (Kidso) Reilly, murdered by British crown forces 9th August 1983, aged 22 years. Never forgotten by his many friends and his good friend CROOP RIP. May they rest in peace. You’ll never walk alone.”

Thomas “Kidso” Reilly was a brother of Jim Reilly of Stiff Little Fingers and was working as road manager for Bananarama when killed on the Springfield Road on August 9, 1983. Ian Thain, of the Light Infantry regiment, was convicted of his murder. He served less than three years before being released and rejoining the army (like Lee Clegg). 

Reilly was a fan of Glasgow Celtic FC – the already existing plaque to Reilly in Turf Lodge was dedicated by Trinity Lodge Celtic Supporters Club: see Kidso Reilly.

Springfield Road, Belfast


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Eddie Doherty

“Ballymurphy Massacre – Eddie Doherty – murdered by British Army 10 August 1971, aged 31, father of 4, corporation worker.”

Doherty was shot by a British Army soldier, one of 24 people to die as internment was introduced in August, 1971 (BelTel | Irish Story). The plaque is at the spot where Doherty was shot, on the Whiterock Road at Brittons Parade, Belfast. Profile at


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“This plaque is dedicated to the memory of those murdered on 9th July 1972 by the British army. Fr Noel Fitzpatrick, Paddy Butler, Margaret Gargan, David McCafferty, Fian John Dougal, and to all those murdered in Springhill, Whiterock, and Westrock area.” This is the new plaque to the five people killed in the Springhill-Westrock Massacre, and is on the house extension that the previous plaque. (See chapter 2 of An Pobal A Pheinteáil.)


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Local History From Local People

“Get the real story – local history from local people – take a black taxi tour – West Belfast Taxi Association – 40 years unbroken service”. The tours of “local” history are of course aimed at non-locals as part of the ‘dark tourism’ or ‘Troubles tourism’ boom.

Here is the Getty Images photo of British Army soldiers on the Falls Road in 1969, on which the mural is based.

Divis Street, Belfast

M08771 M08491

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Colin Area Remembers With Pride

This is an updated version of the Gibraltar 3 mural in Twinbrook. The quote from Farrell (see the 2008 version) has fallen off and been replaced with the words “murdered in Gibraltar by British crown forces.”

“Colin area remembers with pride and honour Vol. Mairead Farrell, Vol. Sean Savage, Vol. Dan McCann”

Jasmine Corner

M08458 [M08459]

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Two boards are added to either end of the many panels of the portraits of victims and the plastic bullet board (State Sponsored Killings) in Beechmount Ave/Ascaill Ard na bhFeá.

“At 8:47 pm on Saturday 4th December 1971, a no-warning bomb, planted by British terrorists, exploded on the doorstep of family-run McGurk’s Bar. Fifteen innocent men, women and children perished. Those who were not crushed or slowly asphyxiated by masonry where horrifically burned to death when shattered gas mains burst into flames beneath the rubble. Nearly the same again were dragged from the debris alive. In the aftermath of the atrocity, the British and Unionist Governments, RUC police force and British military disseminated disinformation that the bomb was in-transit and that the civilians guilty by association, if not complicit in this act of terrorism. This is despite a mountain of forensic evidence including a witness statement that saw the bomb being planted and lit before the British terrorists escaped into the night. From the moment the bomb exploded and for 40 years since, the families and friends of those murdered have campaigned constitutionally and with great dignity to clear the names of their lived ones. It is a Campaign for Truth that continues to this day. Join us at” “

“Springhill–Westrock Massacre. Belfast’s Bloody Sunday. Time for truth! On the 9th July 1972 a team of British Army snipers took up firing positions in Corry’s timber yard overlooking the nationalist Springhill/Westrock estates. Within less than an hour five civilians lay dead and two critically wounded. Among the dead were three teenagers, a father of six and a priest on his way to administer the last rites to the dead and injured. There has never been a proper police investigation, and not one solider has spent a single day in prison in connection with their deaths. The families deserve, and demand the comprehensive facts be told by the British establishment. The truth costs nothing.”

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Help For Heroes

“Remember the fallen, care for the living”. Five boards arranged into a single piece in Ebor Street, south Belfast. The large bottom panel features a silhouette of a (staged) photograph taken in Basra (DailyMail) of a soldier on a stretcher giving the ‘thumbs up’ sign.

Ebor Street, Belfast

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