National Hunger Strike Commemoration 2012

Here is a board announcing, and a gallery of images from, the hunger strike commemoration in 2012, Dungiven.

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Kevin Lynch 1956-1981

Kevin Lynch is shown raising the Under-16 County Derry hurling trophy (photo below). He was arrested in December 1976 and went on the blanket and then the second hunger strike. Lynch died after 71 days on hunger strike – the longest-surviving striker – in Long Kesh/the Maze prison. The H-Block Song (with lyric “I’ll wear no convict’s uniform/nor meekly serve my time/that Britain might brand Ireland’s fight/800 years of crime” was played by a piper at his funeral. (An Phoblacht)

The four black-and-white squares show (top left) Mary Nelis, Kathleen Deeny and Theresa Deery, protesting the arrests of their sons; (bottom left) the memorial to Lynch in Park, where has was born; (top right) blanketmen Hugh Rooney and Freddie Toal; (bottom right) Lynch’s gravestone in Dungiven.

Along the bottom are the emblems of Kevin Lynch Memorial flute band (Fb), Kevin Lynch’s hurling club (“misneach ‘s dílseacht”), and St Dympna’s football club, Luton (Fb).

The mural is shown on the day of its launch, August 4th, 2012 – the plaque on the left is covered by a small curtain in the first image above but shown in the second.

The street was also named in Lynch’s honor, with a plaque at the other end.

The placard is in Chapel Road – it seems to be the same one as in 2011, but with a frame added.

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KevinLynch U16DerryHurling

Scaoil Saor Marian Price – International Wall

Free Marian Price “posters” are painted into many of the murals along the so-called “International” wall on Divis Street.

Click these links for the pre-Price versions of …
Kieran Nugent
4,400 Palestinian Political Prisoners (previously seen with Marian Price poster – see M08095)
Armagh Women
Laochra Loch Lao
Raidió Fáilte
Falls Curfew
Taxi Trax (purple)
Peace With Justice (perhaps originally painted with the poster; there are no photos without it until the 2014 repaint)
Free The Five (previously seen with poster – see M08097)
Oppose Racism.

The Maghaberry/Strip Searches mural did not have a painted poster added to it but (as can be seen in Street View) it did have a placard added to the bottom reading “Justice for Marian Price” – this difference is because this mural is under the control of anti-Agreement republicanism rather than pro-Agreement republicanism/Sinn Féin. (The same placard was also mounted in three places in the barbed wire above the wall – see the final image and the Street View link.)

The Guernica mural was left untouched, perhaps for aesthetic reasons, perhaps because it had outside funding.

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I’m Not A Criminal

“Vol. Kieran Nugent – the first blanketman. ‘I’m not a criminal – the Brits will have to nail prison clothes to my back.'”

This mural was originally launched in February surrounded by a selection of posters from the era (see The First Blanketman and for close-ups see the post at Extramural). These have all now been stripped away and the red background (which was present for the previous mural – see Ciarán Nugent) has been repainted.

Rockville Street, Belfast


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Stand As One

“Make a difference – Join RNU – Be committed – Stand as one – Implement 12th August Agreement! – End strip searches – End controlled movement.” Cogús is the POW department of the RNU, no longer on-line at The board is on the rear of Free Derry Corner, which has its own Visual History page.

Lecky Road, Derry.

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Francis Hughes

For the 30th anniversary of the 1981 hunger strike, the Dockers & Carters mural was replaced by a large mural of republican heroes on Northumberland Street, with Francis Hughes at the centre. (For more in-progress images, the completed mural, and a list of the portraits, see X00384.)

Northumberland Street, Belfast

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Hunger Striker Mosaics

For the 30th anniversary of the 1981 hunger strike, the mosaics of the Troubles-era hunger strikers are mounted around the blanket-men board and above the Phoenix in Clowney Street; for a few years they were previously at the Falls-Beechmount corner.

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The First Blanketman

IRA prisoner Kieran Nugent is reputed to have said – upon being imprison after the removal of Special Category status in 1976 – “I’m not a criminal – the Brits will have to nail prison clothes to my back.” The mural is a February repainting of Ciarán Nugent and for the launch it was surrounded with posters from the period. Rockville Street, Belfast.

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