Remembered With Pride

“Remember the tragic events surrounding the unlawful execution of IRA volunteers [Vols. Sean Savage, Mairead Farrell, Dan McCann] in Gibraltar by the SAS on the 6th March 1988, the shooting of Vol. Keven McCracken in the defence of the community, the murderous attack on the Gibraltar funeral by a British sponsored assassin and killing of mourners [John Murray, Thomas McErlean, Vol. Caoimhín Mac Brádaigh]. I ndíl [sic] chuimhne. Always remembered with pride by the people of the Colin area. Béirigí [sic] bua.”

Twinbrook Road, Belfast/Dunmurry.

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March, 1988

March 2013 is the 25th anniversary of the Michael Stone’s attack on mourners attending the burials of the Gibraltar 3 in Milltown cemetery. Stone killed three people. The mural combines images of mourners taking shelter from Stone’s attack – links to the photographs represented and in-progress images can be found at Extramural – with the civil war memorial in Ballyseedy, Co. Kerry (WP) which was famously connected to the Gibraltar 3 in a mural prepared for the return of the coffins to Belfast – see A Legitimate Right To Take Up Arms. (Here is a copy of Tragedies In Kerry.) The Gibraltar 3 are portrayed on the left; Stone’s victims are on the right. In the top right is an IRA volunteer who had been shot two days earlier, on the night that the coffins of the Gibraltar 3 arrived in Belfast.

1988 puts us firmly in the era of video, and so you can see footage on youtube relating to each of these events. In chronological order:

Death On The Rock, a famous Thames Television production about the SAS killings of IRA members Mairéad Farrell, Danny McCann and Seán Savage on March 6th in Gibraltar.

Michael Stone’s attack on mourners at their funerals in Milltown cemetery, March 16th, which killed Thomas McErlean, John Murray, and IRA member Caoimhín Mac Brádaigh (Kevin Brady).

The funeral of IRA member Kevin McCracken on March 17th (he had been killed on March 14th) at which British Army corporals Wood and Howes were killed.

For the small Marian Price piece to the left, see Another Victim Of British Injustice. These pieces together replace the Relatives Action Committee mural, later with Marian Price poster

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The Generations Shall Remember Them

For the fortieth anniversary of their deaths (during 1972), five young volunteers from the lower Falls are remembered: Daniel McAreavey, Joseph McKinney, Jimmy Quigley, John Donaghy, Patrick Maguire (real name Patrick Pendleton). Maguire, McKinney and Donaghy died together in an explosion (Oct 10); Quigley (Sept 29) and McAreavey (Oct 6) were shot. For further details of the how these five met their deaths, see among others Lost Lives by McKittrick et al. ( | Amazon UK | US). Biographies of the five begin at 7m46s in this history of D Company.

Quigley holds a copy of James Connolly’s 1910 pamphlet Labour in Irish History.

Video of the parade and unveiling on Sunday (Oct 7th, 2012) on youtube. The in-progress shot is from October 3rd, 2012.

“‘They shall be spoken of among their people and the generations shall remember them and call them blessed’ – P H Pearse”, from ‘The Mother‘.

Divis Street, Belfast

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End Internment 1971-2012

“End internment, 1971-2012.” Imprisonment without trial was introduced in Northern Ireland on August 9th, 1971. The return to prison of volunteers by having their license or bail revoked is considered internment by anti-Agreement republicans – see e.g. Release Marian Price or End Internment By Remand.

Éirígí stencil in Beechmount Avenue, Belfast, showing hands clasping prison bars.


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